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Seamless logistics

Going overseas opens the door to many new experiences for most companies. It requires a familiarity with overseas logistics, export regulations, financing issues and options, customs requirements on both sides of the shipping process, customs clearance and duties paid in your country of domicile, inspections and final acceptance into your warehouse. CWS has been arranging all aspects of the logistics process for its clients for more than two decades. In nearly every case, our customers have found it much easier to simply let our staff handle everything and wait for the shipment to arrive at their dock. We have achieved this “trust” by consistently delivering on time, and making sure that no product leaves the factory unless it has been fully inspected and quality approved by a CWS inspector.

From selecting the right factory, to negotiating prices and overseeing the entire new product development process…we are there for you. At CWS we believe that your bests interests are our best interests too…we consider ourselves a “partner”… working with each client to help achieve success in their business.

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